Back In The Saddle

For the past 3+ years I've managed PR, events, community, content and social media marketing at mobile game company Disruptor Beam. I've learned an immense amount while working with the company, with its executive team, and its three products (Game … [Read more]

Some Updates!

Forgive me, for I have sinned. I haven't updated my blog in months! So, I thought it appropriate to throw up a quick update on what I've been up to over the past 6 months or so... Back in May, I accepted a full-time position with my long-time … [Read more]

(Disruptor) Beam Me Up! Star Trek Timelines Announced.

I’ve been working with Disruptor Beam for the past couple years to promote their hit social / mobile game, Game of Thrones Ascent. Well, the next big game for the company is based around a similarly huge IP…Star Trek! A story-driven game in which … [Read more]

Prime World Defenders Launch on iOS

I recently started working with strategy game developer Nival to help promote a variety of their games including Prime World: Defenders. A classic tower-defense game with a twist, Defenders launched on PC awhile back. It did well and so the team … [Read more]

Game of Thrones Ascent’s iPad Launch & Season 4 Kick-Off

I've been working with Disruptor Beam for the past couple of years to help promote the company, along with their hit game 'Game of Thrones Ascent' based off of the HBO TV series and books by George R.R. Martin. Following a successful Facebook and Web … [Read more]

Another MassDiGI Game Challenge in the Books

For the past three years, I've managed the Massachusetts Digital Games Institute's (MassDiGI) Annual Game Challenge. And, the event has been a highlight of my year for the past three with 2014 being no exception. This year's event featured 45 teams … [Read more]