For industry insight, check out ‘Monty’s Minute’ on GameBreaker.TV

A colleague of mine for the past 6+ years, Mr. Monty Sharma (aka “the Sharminator”), has been working in the game industry for quite some time. He is currently the managing director of the Massachusetts Digital Games Institute (MassDiGI).  In previous years, he was the co-founder and general manager of Vivox, a voice chat service provider for games.  He’s very well connected in the industry and is a pretty smart dude to boot!

Monty shares some Sharminator knowledge on a weekly basis as host of “Monty’s Minute” on GameBreaker.TV.  So, tune in at And, send your questions to Monty via – he picks the best and answers them on the show.

PS – Thanks for the shout out in Episode 26, Monty.

Montys Minute