Hammer-Time with EQHammer.com at SOE Live 2013!


After many years of  working with TenTonHammer.com through a traditional PR / editorial relationship, I’ve recently been given the opportunity to assist with increasing the brand recognition of the company’s suite of game news & feature websites.  I jumped at the chance to pitch in!

Ten Ton Hammer launched a new fansite this summer – EQHammer.com – dedicated to coverage of EverQuest Next, the upcoming MMO from Sony Online Entertainment (SOE). We knew that SOE Live, the annual fan-fest dedicated to SOE’s games, was our opportunity to make a splash (literally)! At SOE’s annual Pool Party, which attracted about a thousand  EverQuest fans, we filled the pools at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas with hundreds of inflatable hammers all branded with the EQHammer URL. We also handed out EQHammer t-shirts to our biggest fans, giving them access to our “Pool Party Recovery Breakfast”, which took place the morning following the pool party.

For a relatively low investment (the cost of the hammers, t-shirts, posters and some breakfast sandwiches), we were able to increase awareness of EQHammer.com among the hardest core EverQuest fans. Everyone LOVED the hammers and people were smacking each other throughout the pool party – a fun sight to see. And, fans proudly wore the EQHammer / Ten Ton Hammer shirts even after the breakfast, blanketing the site’s branding across the rest of the event.

Some more pictures and a video from the event, for your viewing pleasure…

Fans having fun with hammers: http://youtu.be/QrWgyyUpUwk