Indie Studio Breaks Through English Language Barrier with Therian Saga

After attending the Montreal International Game Summit last fall, I started working with an interesting indie studio based out of Quebec City called Virtys. A handful of RPG superfans, the Virtys team had been working for years on their complex … [Read more]

Demiurge & Disruptor Beam Take Over NECN

Mobile games have exploded in recent years. The Boston area has been no exception with the landscape of developers in the area showcasing this fact. Many new mobile development studios have been founded in recent years and even some established local … [Read more]

Recent VentureFizz Posts – Proletariat, Indie Game Collective, and more!

Throughout 2013, I've contributed blog content to to highlight the Boston video game development community. It has been a fun side project, as I've had the opportunity to learn even more about a community that I love. I've highlighted … [Read more]

“A Game PR Playbook” Talk @ MIGS 2013

I recently had the pleasure of being invited to speak at the Montreal International Games Summit (MIGS). Despite the frigid temperatures of Montreal in November, it was a great experience and fun to share some of my PR knowledge via a joint talk with … [Read more]

Demiurge Brings Marvel to Mobile with Puzzle Quest

This is a project that has been hard to keep a lid on, to say the least! Demiurge Studios (my client), in partnership with D3publisher and Marvel Entertainment, recently released Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign on iOS and Android. It truly was a … [Read more]

A Match Made in Highgarden: Disruptor Beam and King Richard’s Faire

In the godswood (ahem). I mean, in the woods of Carver, Massachusetts, the Disruptor Beam team hosted a “Game of Game of Thrones” trivia and costume contest for thousands of people in attendance at King Richard’s Faire, the largest renaissance faire … [Read more]