Boston FIGnites!

  For the second year in a row I managed PR efforts for the Boston Festival of Indie Games (aka Boston FIG). When thinking back about this year’s event, the word ‘ignite’ jumps to mind. It was a day *ignited* by the amazing energy of not just … [Read more]

Hammer-Time with at SOE Live 2013!

After many years of  working with through a traditional PR / editorial relationship, I've recently been given the opportunity to assist with increasing the brand recognition of the company's suite of game news & feature … [Read more]

Self-Publish, Self-Publish, Self-Publish (Casual Connect USA 2013)

I recently attended Casual Connect in San Francisco and walked away from the show with this one theme stuck in my head: self-publishing is not only possible, but a great route for many developers. It all started with Will Harbin's kick-off talk … [Read more]

Game of Thrones Ascent Ascends @ Comic-Con San Diego!

I've been working with Disruptor Beam to promote their hit social game - Game of Thrones Ascent - since early 2012. Aside from the game itself, which has been very well received by players, another part of its success is the widespread popularity of … [Read more]

MassDiGI Paving the Way for Game Development Students (VentureFizz)

As mentioned in a previous post, I was recently asked to help contribute to the growth of's coverage of the New England game development scene. In my latest post, I've taken the opportunity to talk about MassDiGI and all of the great … [Read more]

BlueSnap on BostInno – Microtransactions and the Future of Games

I recently started working with BlueSnap, a payment processing provider and buying platform for e-commerce merchants including game companies. Through my efforts, BlueSnap CEO Ralph Dangelmaier has penned an article for about the … [Read more]