A Match Made in Highgarden: Disruptor Beam and King Richard’s Faire

In the godswood (ahem). I mean, in the woods of Carver, Massachusetts, the Disruptor Beam team hosted a “Game of Game of Thrones” trivia and costume contest for thousands of people in attendance at King Richard’s Faire, the largest renaissance faire … [Read more]

Mon Voyage à Montréal et Exécution Labs

No, I don’t speak French (thanks, Google Translator). But, I loved hearing lots of it while in Montreal recently for a visit to Execution Labs, a game incubator and go-to-market accelerator for mobile game developers! Jason Della Rocca, Alexandre … [Read more]

Boston FIGnites!

  For the second year in a row I managed PR efforts for the Boston Festival of Indie Games (aka Boston FIG). When thinking back about this year’s event, the word ‘ignite’ jumps to mind. It was a day *ignited* by the amazing energy of not just the … [Read more]

Hammer-Time with EQHammer.com at SOE Live 2013!

After many years of  working with TenTonHammer.com through a traditional PR / editorial relationship, I've recently been given the opportunity to assist with increasing the brand recognition of the company's suite of game news & feature websites. … [Read more]

Self-Publish, Self-Publish, Self-Publish (Casual Connect USA 2013)

I recently attended Casual Connect in San Francisco and walked away from the show with this one theme stuck in my head: self-publishing is not only possible, but a great route for many developers. It all started with Will Harbin's kick-off talk … [Read more]

Game of Thrones Ascent Ascends @ Comic-Con San Diego!

I've been working with Disruptor Beam to promote their hit social game - Game of Thrones Ascent - since early 2012. Aside from the game itself, which has been very well received by players, another part of its success is the widespread popularity of … [Read more]