Self-Publish, Self-Publish, Self-Publish (Casual Connect USA 2013)

I recently attended Casual Connect in San Francisco and walked away from the show with this one theme stuck in my head: self-publishing is not only possible, but a great route for many developers. It all started with Will Harbin’s kick-off talk “Self-Publish or Die” in which Harbin (Kixeye‘s CEO) encourages new developers to remain independent and bypass the publisher relationship.  Dean Takahashi from VentureBeat summed up Will’s presentation well in this article.

As the 3-day show continued, I frequently found myself listening into conversations among developers about the role of publishers with the conclusion being the same as Harbin’s. And, it felt like every developer I heard speak at the podium throughout the show referenced Will’s earlier talk and agreed with his thoughts on going-it-alone. There were plenty of publishers exhibiting at the show and recruiting new developers, but still this theme rose to the top.

Being in the game industry, but not in a game development role, I don’t have an extremely strong opinion either way. But, what I have observed is that a publisher’s role usually takes the form of marketing. And, when you can fulfill that role on your own  – leveraging internal staff to meet marketing needs or by hiring outside PR/marketing consultants (like me) on an as-needed basis around game launches and important milestones – then why wouldn’t you self-publish?

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