Demiurge & Disruptor Beam Take Over NECN


Mobile games have exploded in recent years. The Boston area has been no exception with the landscape of developers in the area showcasing this fact. Many new mobile development studios have been founded in recent years and even some established local game developers have re-focused their energy into mobile games vs. console games.

Two of my clients, both Demiurge Studios (Marvel Puzzle Quest) and Disruptor Beam (Game of Thrones Ascent), are currently focused on mobile. So, I recently pitched a story to New England Cable News (NECN) about the rising popularity of mobile games among local game developers, and what it is like to do business in the state. The result was an awesome “CEO Corner” segment featuring both Hank Howie, COO of Disruptor Beam, and Albert Reed, CEO & Co-Founder of Demiurge Studios. The episode aired throughout this past weekend and was posted on the website. Check out some photos below or watch the show (split into three segments) here:


Demiurge Brings Marvel to Mobile with Puzzle Quest

Marvel Puzzle QuestThis is a project that has been hard to keep a lid on, to say the least! Demiurge Studios (my client), in partnership with D3publisher and Marvel Entertainment, recently released Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign on iOS and Android. It truly was a collaborative effort on all fronts, marketing and PR included. The launch of the game involved many moving pieces that, in the end, worked out quite well…

So, after keeping quiet about the game for months, its reveal was rolled out gradually over the course of its launch week in October, all leading up to New York ComicCon. The game was first announced via a tweet from Marvel’s Agent M (@AgentM). This was followed by an interview podcast with the Demiurge team and hosted on, as well as an inclusion in the official Marvel newsletter. Then, finally, the game launched later that week and was announced to media around the world via a press release and launch trailer. At New York Comic Con, Demiurge participated in a panel about the game and the game was also demoed on the show floor. To say that we blanked Marvel fans at launch is an understatement.

Coverage of the game has been spectacular, with most reviews turning out positive, including an amazing 9.1 rating from IGN!!! The studio itself has also received some great exposure, including a feature with shortly following the launch. And, this is just the beginning and the Demiurge team continues to add new content to the game, expanding the player experience.

To augment all of the above activities, two additional videos have been released surrounding the game that I wanted to share. Both of these were shot in the Demiurge offices and it was a blast to help coordinate these with the Marvel and D3 teams. Check them out!

Demiurge Developer Diary Video – Marvel Puzzle Quest: 

Marvel’s Agent M Visits Demiurge: