Boston FIGnites!

IMG_6202 Elicia at Boston FIG
For the second year in a row I managed PR efforts for the Boston Festival of Indie Games (aka Boston FIG). When thinking back about this year’s event, the word ‘ignite’ jumps to mind. It was a day *ignited* by the amazing energy of not just the independent game developers who showcased digital and tabletop games, but the compelling speakers, and over 5,000 people in attendance.  I know firsthand how difficult it can be to garner attention for an unknown game, but Boston FIG provides a platform for these developers to promote their games. And the dedicated effort of an all-volunteer staff (myself included) seems to be paying off for the game developers, as well as attendees and sponsors each year – a trend I hope to see continue into 2014!

I’d like to thank all of the staff, volunteers, attendees, participants, sponsors, and partners that made this year’s event possible, but also send a special thank you to the media who covered BostonFIG, both before and after the festival! Below are just a few of the many great stories that appeared surrounding the 2013 Fest. And, for more detail about the developers that were at the festival, check out my recap post on VentureFizz.

MetroWest Daily News / Cambridge Chronicle

Boston Globe

Indie Game Magazine



Demiurge Shooting Straight with Shoot Many Robots Launch!

Shoot Many Robots logo

Demiurge Studios is independent game shop based in Cambridge, MA. In its over 10 years in business, the studio has made a name for itself as a reliable partner for industry leaders working on major franchises like Bioshock, Mass Effect, Brothers in Arms, Rock Band, and Titan Quest.

In 2012, the studio released its first original IP game on PC and consoles, Shoot Many Robots. I began working with Demiurge earlier this year just as they were putting the finishing touches on a brand-new version of the game for mobile release in partnership with fellow local studio Owlchemy Labs! Together, they created this endless runner (and gunner) featuring the memorable P. Walter Tugnut and a bazillion robots.

In conjunction with PAX East 2013, we released Shoot Many Robots on Android to super positive reviews and great initial buzz! After announcing the game a couple of days prior to PAX, I secured loads of launch stories followed by hands-on features and reviews after meeting with over 25 media on-site at PAX.

Below is a snapshot at just some coverage surrounding Shoot Many Robot’s launch on Android (in no particular order). And, have no fear, an iOS version is also planned 🙂

“Shoot Many Robots’ Jump to Android, Starts Demiurge’s Push into Mobile” (3/23/13)

“Shoot Many Robots Now Available on Android” (3/20/13)

“Shoot Many Robots is a Game Name and a Life-Saving Instruction in One” (3/20/13)

Touch Arcade
“Shoot Many Robots Hits Android Coming Soon to iOS Soon-ish” (3/20/13)

“Shoot Many Robots Mechanical Hordes are Going Mobile” (3/20/13)

“Shoot Many Robots Available Now on Android, Coming Soon to iOS” (3/20/13)
“Demiurge Studios Owlchemy Labs Bring New Shoot Many Robots Game to Mobile Platforms (3/20/13)

Boston Bastard Brigade
“Kicking Arse and Killing Many Robots!” Review (3/29/13)

Blast Magazine
“Shoot Many Robots on Android – Hands On” (4/2/13)

“Shoot Many Robots Blasts Its Way to Android, iOS Version Coming Soon” (3/20/13)

“Shoot Many Robots Hits Android, Coming to iOS Soon!” (3/20/13)

Android Rundown
“Shoot Many Robots is a Game That Delivers on the Promise of Its Title” (3/20/13)

Cult of Android
“Shoot Many Robots Zaps Its Way onto Android Today, iOS Coming Soon” (3/20/13)

“Shoot Many Robots Now Available for Android, iOS Release Planned” (3/20/13)

Polygon Shoot Many Robots





Roadhouse Lays Down the Warhammer, Announces New 40K Mobile Game

Roadhouse New Logo

Leading into PAX East 2013 and the immediately following GDC 2013 week, Roadhouse Interactive asked for my help to promote their new relationship with UK-based Games Workshop and to announce that their team is to release a new mobile and tablet game set in the hugely popular Warhammer 40,000 universe.

Typically a very busy time for news and game announcements, we were able to break through the clutter leading into GDC, a key business development week for Roadhouse, with this initial product announcement. I secured coverage with over 30 key industry and mobile game news media outlets to draw attention to the partnership and upcoming title.

Below is a snapshot at just some of the stories that helped us to announce Roadhouse’s new game (in no particular order)! Thanks to all who covered the news and stay tuned for more details about this side-scrolling action game where players guide a lone Space Marine on his journey to destroy endless hordes of enemies. Juicy, right? 🙂